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Susan Kleiman, PhD, RN, CS, NPP

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Lehman College

City University of New York

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Issues in Humanistic Nursing is a monthly publication for nurse professionals interested in Humanistic Nursing. It features the work of Dr. Susan Kleiman; who carries on the standard of humanistic nursing as it was handed down by Josephine Paterson and Loretta Zderad. Susan has been a student and colleague of Josephine Paterson and Loretta Zderad for over 20 years. Jo and Loretta are still well and thriving in their retirement and get a great deal of satisfaction in knowing that nurses today are still using and valuing their work.

Issues in Humanistic Nursing provides context for the major initiatives of humanistic nursing, celebrating the enduring and immutable ideals of Humanism as the grounding for nurses activities with their patients, families, colleagues, and students. In each of these newsletters, we will tell you some anecdotal information about the two theorists not readily available anywhere else. These anecdotes give insight into the thinking that helped formulate the Humanistic Nursing Theory.

Humanistic Nursing Theory is a systematically developed meta-theory for discovering and examining the essential nature of nursing. The theory was formulated under a conceptual framework of Existentialism and Phenomenology. It includes a notion of methodology as a set of criteria for discovering and illuminating empirically observed constituents of phenomena as they occur in lived-experiences.

This month’s news:

On Jo and Loretta:

We recently visited with Jo and Loretta at their home in the South. During one conversation they reflected that difficult working conditions have always been a challenge to actualizing intersubjective nurse-patient interactions. They also however, reminded us and emphasized that it is from these interactions that nurses derive value for their service to society and make working in their profession more enjoyable and personally rewarding. They acknowledge that the struggle is even more of a challenge today, but encourage us not to give up striving to keep nursing humanistic.

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Susan’s activities:

The New York State Nurses Association division of the ANA has approved the continuing education course authored by Susan: Actualizing Intrinsic Nursing Values, Quality Nursing Care, and Professional Growth and Satisfaction. Completion of the course awards nurses seventy-two (72) credits toward their continuing education requirements.

Susan has an article, which is co-authored by Keville Frederickson and Theresa Lundy, in the upcoming September-October Nursing Education Perspectives, the NLN journal, entitled, “Cultural influences in nurses’ relationships with patients.”

Susan has invited Amedeo Giorgi to lecture at Lehman College, City University of New York on October 1st. If you are in New York at that time, you don’t want to miss out on this lecture.

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